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Mahendra Patel visit to the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication in the University of Reading (UK)

After receiving the Gutenberg Prize of the City of Mainz in Frankfurt (Germany), on 26 June 2010, Professor Mahendra Patel travelled around Europe for a little longer and paid a visit to the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading on Thursday 8 July 2010.

Dr Fiona Ross showed Professor Patel around the Linotype Non-Latin Collection, which is part of the department's Type Drawing and Lettering Collection. Mahendra Patel was very interested in the artwork and accompanying material of the various non-Latin fonts, particularly since he remembered his two-week visit to Fiona Ross and the other designers of the letter-drawing studio of Linotype Limited (Cheltenham) in the 1980s.

In the afternoon, Professor Patel treated the students and the Reading alumni who travelled from London to two talks. In the first talk, Patel presented the resulting typedesign and lettering work from the students who attended his numerous letter design workshops that he had conducted over the past decennia in different schools.
The second talk focussed on Professor Patel's own work, in which he shared his design experience with the audience, while showing many examples and details of his typefaces, map designs and signage projects.

The students and staff were truely delighted with Professor Patel's visit and spent an enjoyable afternoon with a very friendly, humorous and respected typeface designer from India

> For more information on Professor Mahendra Patel and his typeface, map and signage designs, see or

> A report on Mahendra Patel's lecture for the occasion of the Mainz Gutenberg Prize is written by Dan Reynolds and published at

> Non-Latin typefaces. 2008. Ross, Fiona and Banham, Rob (eds). London: St Bride Library can be purchased from the St Bride Shop (all funds go to the St Bride Library)


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